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 KraftMaid Vantage

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KraftMaid Vantage is a new standard of excellence available exclusively through independent KraftMaid dealers. When you work with an independent KraftMaid designer, you get all the doors, finishes and products you love, plus these exclusive benefits not found at your typical home improvement store:

  • Modified Heights and Widths: Get the ultimate in design flexibility with custom modifications to 1/16”. This means less “fillers” when working in unique or tight spaces. You can only get modified hights and widths at your Independent KraftMaid Showroom.

  • All-Plywood Construction: “Built-in Value” takes on a whole new meaning because all-plywood construction comes standard, something other manufacturers and stores charge extra for. Because this better-built box is standard, you get more design upgrades at a lower cost based on door styles and finish options selected.

  • Matching Interiors: When you order glass or wood inserts, a matching interior comes standard to ensure your personality carries through to visible cabinet interiors.

 Door Styles


Yes, there are a lot of doors. This way, we’ll have the one that’s right for you.


Storage Solutions 


A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.


Improve Storage. Organize Everything.

Kitchen innovations from KraftMaid Vantage offer a wide selection of clever storage ideas in order to make time spent in the kitchen a little easier. Start imagining what’s really, actually possible in your kitchen - or your bath, where a lot of these innovations can also be cleverly included. Prevent wasted space in corners or small spaces. Deploy cool Auto-Open technology for when your hands are wet or full. Include perfectly-fitting OXO canisters or Rubbermaid containers.